Uriage Thermal Water Sleeping Mask 50ml

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We all know how important it is to get a good night‘s sleep. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can‘t seem to get enough shuteye. That‘s where the Uriage Thermal Water Sleeping Mask 50ml comes in.



996 in stock

Uriage Thermal Water Sleeping Mask 50ml

Uriage Water Sleeping Mask is a night time mask that slakes the skin’s demands and gives the complexion a well-rested appearance. This water sleeping mask’s potent moisturizing and soothing ingredients may both profoundly hydrate the skin and plump the complexion, giving dull, tired skin its suppleness and radiance back. A true “8 hours of sleep” complexion and rested skin are the results of using this night mask, which provides long-lasting hydration and aids in maintaining appropriate moisture levels and keeping the skin feeling comfortable and fresh. With a smooth texture that is both fresh and delicately fragrant, it enables you to immerse your skin in a true “Thermal Bath” experience and give your skin a supple, rested appearance the following morning.

  • Gel-like texture;
  • Skin problems include dehydration, pain, fine wrinkles, and weary skin;
  • Application period: in the evening;
  • Age: 13+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, even those with sensitive skin;
  • Main advantages: deeply hydrates the skin, offering long-lasting hydration; plumps the face, filling fine wrinkles brought on by dehydration; quickly comforts and softens the skin; leaves the skin feeling supple and with an ultra-fresh radiance; gives the complexion a well-rested look;
  • Parabens were not used in the formulation.

Primary Components

  • Antioxidant and calming qualities are offered by edelweiss extract. It not only strengthens the skin barrier and lessens sensitivity, but also makes the skin feel supple and gleam with an incredibly fresh brilliance;
  • It is possible to retain water with hyaluronic acid. The skin is both moisturized and plumped up by this ability. It minimizes fine wrinkles brought by by dryness by keeping the skin moisturized and supple;
  • In addition to hydrating the skin, Hydro-Thermal Complex also calms it. It offers continuous hydration and soothes the skin, giving the face a refreshed appearance.

How to apply

In the evening, use Uriage Thermal Water Sleeping Mask 50ml to apply a light layer. Using a light massage, apply to clean and dry skin. The next day, rinse it off after it has worked all night.

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