Mustela Hydra Stick with Cold Cream Nutri-Protective 10.1ml

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This travelfriendly moisturizer composed of 98% plantbased ingredients provides skin protection to relieve your baby‘s dry cheeks and lips from birth on*. Formulated with natural Cold Cream, lipidreplenishing ceramides, and soothing shea Butter, this Nourishing stick delivers longlasting hydration and nourishes babys skin. *Babies out of NICU



92 in stock

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Mustela Hydra Stick with Cold Cream Nutri-Protective 10.1ml

Mustela Hydra Cold Cream is a nourishing stick that, starting at birth, guards the baby’s and child’s face’s dry and vulnerable parts, such as the lips and checks. While the most delicate areas of the skin are shielded from the impacts of harmful external forces on a daily basis, the skin is properly moisturized and nourished (wind, cold, rubbing and chaffing, etc). The solution is simple to use, doesn’t leave a sticky film on the skin, and immediately raises the moisture levels in the troubled regions. It’s perfect to take about all day for application whenever needed because of its small package. The Nourishing Stick With Cold Cream’s primary advantage is that it can support skin repair and nourishment. Additionally, it can help keep the skin moist and shield it from additional harm. Additionally, the dryness and itching that this product can ease. This is so that while the other ingredients in the Mustela Nourishing-Stick W/ Cold-Cream work to hydrate, the substances in the Mustela Nourishing-Stick W/ Cold-Cream help to reduce dryness and itching.


  • Texture: stick;
  • Dryness and dehydration are skin problems;
  • Application frequency: throughout the day, as often as necessary;
  • Age: 0+;
  • Type of skin
  • The product’s rich texture is great for dry and exposed regions, its compact package is convenient to carry, its hypoallergenic recipe contains 96% naturally derived components, and its main advantages include nourishing and protecting the lips and cheeks;
  • Absent of parabens in the formulation.

Primary Components:

  • The natural active component avocado perseose, which has been granted a patent, is biomimetic and moisturizes the baby’s skin barrier, which is still developing and is brittle;
  • Cold cream nourishes the skin and aids in maintaining its built-in barrier of defense with the help of ceramides.
  • Shea butter provides deep skin nourishment;
  • Inflammatory sensations are reduced with bisabolol.

How to Use:

The baby’s lips and cheeks should be treated with Mustela Nourishing-Stick W/ Cold-Cream for baby’s dry Skin. In the course of the day, reapply as often as necessary.


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