Uriage Thermal Water Eye Contour Cream 15ml

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This eye cream from Uriage is specifically designed to help with the delicate skin around the eyes. The thermal water in the cream helps to soothe and protect the skin, while the 15ml size makes it perfect for taking on the go.

999 in stock

Uriage Thermal Water Eye Contour Cream 15ml

Uriage Eye Contour Cream is an eye region moisturizer and replenisher. By brightening, reviving, and energizing the eye contour, it lessens the visibility of dark circles and dehydration fine lines. The Hydro-Thermal Complex, which is rich in Uriage Thermal Water, aids in repairing the skin’s protective layer and creates a film on the skin’s surface to maintain optimal levels of hydration. Skincare for sensitive skin, Skincare for combination skin, Skincare for dry skin, Skincare for very dry skin, Skincare for irritated skin, Skincare for normal to dry skin. The smoothing effect of this Water Eye Contour Cream reduces the appearance of dehydration fine lines. Moisturizes The appearance of dark circles is reduced while providing a fresh feeling. This cream moisturizes the delicate epidermis in the eye contour. It further, replenishes the skin’s moisture. Optimum Moisturization, This Water Eye Contour Cream enriched with Uriage Thermal Water helps to rebuild the skin barrier to maintain an optimum moisturization level. Continuously optimizes the moisturization of the epidermis. Helps to recreate a film on the surface and gradually releases the moisturizing agents contained in the Water Eye Contour Cream. Our product restores the skin’s barrier effect and limit its dehydration. Acts on the rebuilding of the corneocyte cement to boost moisturization with lasting effects. Reveals the radiance of the eye area. Its fresh texture instantly illuminates and energizes the eye contour.

  • Texture: cream;
  • Hydration problems and dark circles on the skin;
  • Morning and/or evening are appropriate times to apply;
  • Age: 15+;
  • A range of skin tones;
  • The skin around the eyes is moisturized, and black circles appear less prominently as a result.
  • Fragrance-free formulation.

Primary Components

  • The skin remains hydrated thanks to Hydro-Thermal Complex;
  • Dark circles around the eyes become less noticeable thanks to dextran sulphate’s promotion of vasoconstriction.

How to Apply

Every day in the morning and/or evening, lightly pat the entire eye contour region with Uriage Thermal Water Eye Contour Cream 15ml

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