Whether it’s the pressures of a hectic family life, an unpleasant commute, impending examinations, a challenging day at work, or anything else, stay organized with RESCUE®.

Presently available in a convenient spray bottle, the RESCUE Remedy® composition remains unchanged from its creation more than eight decades ago, utilizing a special blend of five Bach Original Flower Essences (RESCUE® Essences). At times of emotional demand, offers consolation and assurance to help you maintain emotional equilibrium.

Each pack holds about 200 uses (20ml).


Experience instant relief from stress and anxiety with RESCUE REMEDY® Spray, the ultimate solution for tranquility on-the-go. Crafted with a unique blend of flower essences, this convenient spray offers a fast-acting and effective way to find calmness and balance in any situation.

Formulated with the renowned Bach Flower Remedies, RESCUE REMEDY® Spray harnesses the power of nature to gently ease feelings of tension and promote a sense of inner peace. Whether you’re facing a busy day at work, navigating a challenging situation, or feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, a quick spritz of RESCUE REMEDY® Spray can help restore equilibrium and bring serenity to your mind and spirit.

What sets RESCUE REMEDY® Spray apart is its ease of use and portability. Simply spray directly into your mouth or onto your tongue whenever you need instant relief from stress and anxiety. Its compact size makes it perfect for keeping in your purse, desk drawer, or pocket, so you can have it on hand whenever you need a moment of calm.

Made with natural ingredients and free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, RESCUE REMEDY® Spray offers a gentle and holistic approach to managing stress and anxiety. Unlike traditional remedies that may leave you feeling drowsy or groggy, RESCUE REMEDY® Spray is non-habit-forming and won’t interfere with your daily activities.

Experience the soothing power of nature with RESCUE REMEDY® Spray and reclaim your inner peace. Say goodbye to stress and tension and hello to a more balanced and harmonious life. Try RESCUE REMEDY® Spray today and discover the difference that natural stress relief can make.


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