Mustela Stretch Marks Cream 3 in 1 250ml

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Our Stretch marks cream is designed to prevent and limit the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Maracuja oil, the key active ingredient, helps to reinforce skin elasticity and keep it soft and supple, while providing a moisturizing and soothing sensation to tingling skin.


100 in stock

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Mustela Stretch Marks Cream

Mustela Stretch Marks Cream 3 in 1 250ml is specially developed to stop stretch marks from developing during pregnancy. Thanks to a special blend of natural ingredients, such as avocado oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids and helps restore and maintain the hydrolipidic film that was damaged during pregnancy, and a complex of natural active ingredients made from patented maracuja polyphenols and Hamamelis plant extracts, the formula of this product sustainably moisturizes, strengthens the elasticity of the skin, and soothes feelings of tightness. Last but not least, skin is moisturized and protected with glycerin of natural origin. Mustela Stretch Marks Cream immediately makes you feel comfortable thanks to its creamy texture. In the end, this lotion makes the skin soft and calming. To satisfy the demands of all future mothers, it is available in two forms that are either lightly perfumed or fragrance-free. This cream is designed to eliminate stretch marks by reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production. The cream can be used before or after pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss.


  • Creamy in texture;
  • Stretch marks are a skin condition.
  • Application times are in the morning and evening;
  • Age: 15+;
  • A variety of skin tones;
  • Main advantages: hydrates, improves skin’s suppleness, and relieves stiffness;

Primary Components:

  • Avocado oil’s abundance in essential fatty acids contributes to the restoration and maintenance of the hydrolipidic film, which was weakened during pregnancy;
  • A mixture of naturally occurring active components made from patented maracuja polyphenols and Hamamelis plant extracts that increases skin elasticity and shields against the development of stretch marks;
  • The skin is moisturized and safeguarded by glycerin from natural sources.

How to Apply:

Apply Mustela Stretch Marks Cream to the belly, hips, thighs, and breasts in the morning and evening while maintaining good hygiene, beginning in the first month of pregnancy and continuing after delivery. It shouldn’t be used on scars from a recent caesarean delivery. enables fast dressing.



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