Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel 200ml

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  • Gentle Baby Skincare: Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel is a gentle and soothing cleansing solution designed for babies and infants.
  • Hydrating Formula: This gel cleanser is enriched with natural ingredients that help maintain skin hydration and prevent dryness.




96 in stock


Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel 200ml

Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel200ml is great for extremely dry and atopic skin types because of its formula, which cleanses the skin while leaving a protective layer on it. Furthermore, the drying effects of calcareous water are avoided by this protective covering. Additionally, the organic sunflower oil distillate used in this biodegradable solution relieves irritability and discomfort. The power of hydration is boosted when combined with Shea Butter, Glycerine of natural origin, and Avocado Peresose®.

Nothing is more priceless than your child! Therefore, Mustela tests its formulae under dermatological and pediatric control to guarantee the safety of all of its products. Overall, Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel200ml has a pleasant texture, doesn’t bother the eyes, and creates a soft, velvety mousse. Because 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin, it makes taking a bath a relaxing and enjoyable experience. for the body and the face.


  • Gel-like texture
  • Skin problems include cleaning, very dry skin, and atopic dermatitis;
  • Applying during a bath;
  • 0+ years old;
  • Extremely dry and atopic skin type;
  • Principal advantages include mild washing, shielding the skin barrier, moisturizing and calming the skin, 98% natural chemicals, and a convenient pump bottle;
  • Not formulated with: scent.

Primary Components:

  • The proprietary active component, organic sunflower oil distillate, calms and aids in repairing the skin’s protective layer;
  • A proprietary natural active component called Avocado Peresose® both moisturizes and maintains the cutaneous barrier;
  • Natural glycerine hydrates and protects the skin. It is a mild surfactant that softly cleanses, preventing dry skin.

How to apply Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel:

Apply Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel to the skin after it has been wet. After that, thoroughly rinse it and pat dry without applying any pressure.

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