Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm 30ml

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Our Certified Organic Nursing Comfort Balm is a specially formulated nipple cream that soothes and helps to restore sensitized skin. This restorative balm allows new mums to fully enjoy breastfeeding while keeping their skin comfortable. Made of 100% plantbased ingredients, it is fragrancefree and contains Olive oil as its key ingredient, which is known for its nourishing properties.



995 in stock

Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm 30ml

is especially made for the delicate area around the nipple, which is continuously exposed when nursing. Its recipe is packed with organic olive oil, which nourishes and softens the skin, as well as other naturally occurring active substances. Additionally, the rich moisturizing element of glycerin smoothens the application area. Additionally, after usage, the skin is soothed and replenished by the vitamin E in the product, which gives it a soothing effect. On the nipple, this vegan, fragrance-free product creates a shield after being dermatologically tested. Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm is a pleasant and convenient pregnancy product because of its creamy, melting texture. For new mothers who are breastfeeding, the balm is made to ease drying and irritation in the nipples. Additionally, lanolin, which has a moisturizing effect, is present. For new mothers who suffer from painful nipples, this can be quite helpful. It is a rich, creamy balm that is easy to apply, and the fragrance is pleasant and not overwhelming. It provides a good amount of moisture without being too greasy or oily. It also seems to absorb quickly and is nonirritating. It also has a light, fresh scent


  • The balm texture
  • Dry patches are a skin condition.
  • Application period: immediately following every feeding and as needed;
  • Age: 15+;
  • Skin type: every type of skin, even delicate skin;
  • The main advantages are that they are vegan and non-sticky and don’t clog.
  • Fragrance-free formulation.

Primary Components:

  • Natural olive oil that is high in Omega 6 and Omega 9 nourishes the skin;
  • The moisturizing activity of glycerin strengthens and fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier;
  • The emulsifying properties of sucrose stearate and sucrose laurate give products a melting texture and aid in hydrating the skin;
  • A natural antioxidant is vitamin E.

How to Use:

After every feeding, generously massage the nipple with Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm. Before feeding, make sure that the nipple is clean. Rinse is unnecessary.


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