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Mustela Hygiene Intimate Cleansing Gel 200ml

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This Intimate cleansing gel, formulated with aloe vera extract, is specially designed to soothe and cleanse babies and children‘s private parts if they are feeling uncomfortable. Its smooth, pleasant texture and physiological pH ensure a gentle cleanse and provide instant and longlasting comfort for your little one.

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993 in stock

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Mustela Intimate Hygiene Gel

gently removes any pollutants that can damage the skin’s integrity and soothes any discomfort in the baby’s intimate area of skin. Mustela Intimate Hygiene Gel is hypoallergenic and was tested by dermatologists and pediatricians without the use of parabens, soap, or scent to lower the risk of allergies, is made up of 97% natural ingredients. The physiological pH of this gel and its composition with avocado and aloe-vera extracts rapidly calm the skin.

A product that has earned the trust of parents is Mustela’s Intimate Hygiene Gel . Dermatologists and pediatricians have evaluated this mild, hypoallergenic lotion that is made of natural ingredients. It is safe to use on baby skin as it doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients. For infants who are prone to diaper rash, this gel is great. It can aid in calming and skin protection.

Additionally beneficial for infants with sensitive skin is this gel. It can aid in minimizing the redness and irritability that are frequently linked to sensitive skin. For babies with dry skin, this Gel is a wonderful option. It can aid in hydrating and protecting the skin. Mustela- Baby Intimate Hygiene Gel may also be used to adult skin. It can aid in calming and skin protection.


  • Gel for texture
  • Sanitary practices for cleaning private areas; pain
  • Morning or evening are the best times to apply;
  • Age: 0+;
  • Skin type: every type of skin, even delicate skin;
  • The skin is protected and is cleansed as two of the main advantages.
  • Without soap, parabens, and scent in the formulation.

Primary Components

  • The skin barrier is defended and repaired by avocado perseose;
  • Aloe vera calms the skin and aids in maintaining skin moisture;
  • The delicate intimate area is cleaned delicately by mild surfactants.

How to apply

Apply a tiny amount of Mustela Intimate Hygiene Gel on damp skin to cleanse the intimate area once or twice daily. Use lukewarm water to rinse.



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