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Mustela Gentle Soap with Cold Cream 100g

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100 in stock

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Gentle Cleansing for Delicate Skin

The Mustela Gentle soap with Cold Cream is specially designed to cleanse and nourish delicate skin. It is a beautifully mild soap that leaves your baby or child’s skin clean, soft, and healthy-looking.

Enriched with Cold Cream for Extra Care

This gentle soap is enriched with Cold Cream, a unique formulation that replenishes and locks in moisture. Cold Cream is known for its ability to provide long-lasting hydration, creating a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss. With the added benefits of Cold Cream, this soap helps protect your little one’s skin from dryness and discomfort.

Pediatrician Tested and Hypoallergenic

The Mustela Gentle soap with Cold Cream has been rigorously tested by pediatricians to ensure it is safe and gentle for your baby’s delicate skin. It is hypoallergenic and specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. This soap is suitable for daily use, providing the utmost care for your little one’s skin.

Soothing and Calming Fragrance

The soap features a delicate and subtle fragrance that provides a soothing and calming effect during bath time. The gentle scent adds an additional touch of comfort while leaving your baby smelling fresh and clean.

Convenient and Easy to Use

The Mustela Gentle soap with Cold Cream comes in a convenient 100g size, perfect for home or travel use. Its compact design ensures it fits easily into your diaper bag or toiletry bag, so you can provide gentle and nourishing care wherever you go. The soap lathers easily, creating a rich and creamy foam that makes bath time a joyful and relaxing experience for both you and your little one.

Recommended for Newborns and Babies

This soap is suitable for newborns and babies of all skin types, including those with dry or sensitive skin. It is an essential addition to your baby’s bath routine, helping to keep their skin clean, moisturized, and protected. Trust in Mustela’s expertise in baby skincare to ensure the best care for your little one.

Dermatologically Tested and Free from Harmful Ingredients

Like all Mustela products, this Gentle soap with Cold Cream is dermatologically tested and formulated with ingredients carefully selected to be safe for your baby’s skin. It contains no parabens, phthalates, or phenoxyethanol, ensuring the utmost safety for your little one.

With the Mustela Gentle soap with Cold Cream, you can trust that you are providing gentle and effective care for your baby’s delicate skin. Its mild and nourishing formula, enriched with Cold Cream, ensures your little one’s skin stays clean, moisturized, and protected during bath time.

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