MINAMI MorDHA Kids 3Years+ 60 capsules


provides kids with the vital Omega-3 fatty acids required for the normal development of their eyes and brains. It contains 250 mg of DHA and 54 mg of EPA.

MINAMI MorDHA Kids 3Years+ 60 capsules

MINAMI MorDHA Kids 3Years+ 60 capsules offers essential support for your child’s cognitive development and overall well-being. With 60 capsules per bottle, this premium supplement provides a convenient and effective way to ensure your child receives the omega-3 fatty acids they need for optimal brain health.

Each capsule is packed with high-quality omega-3s, including DHA and EPA, which are crucial for cognitive function, focus, and mood regulation. These essential fatty acids play a key role in brain development and have been shown to support learning, memory, and behavior in children.


  • High DHA Content: MorDHA Kids contains high levels of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid crucial for brain development and cognitive function in children.
  • Purified Formula: The supplement undergoes a rigorous purification process to ensure the removal of impurities, such as heavy metals and toxins, making it safe for children’s consumption.
  • Easy-to-Swallow Capsules: Designed specifically for children aged 3 years and older, the capsules are sized appropriately and easy to swallow, eliminating any potential choking hazards.
  • Added Vitamins and Nutrients: In addition to DHA, MorDHA Kids may contain other vitamins and nutrients essential for overall health and development, such as vitamin D, which supports bone health and immune function.
  • Supports Cognitive Function: Regular consumption of MorDHA Kids can contribute to improved cognitive function, concentration, and learning abilities in children, potentially aiding their academic performance and overall well-being.

Key Benefits:

  • Brain Development Support: Rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an essential omega-3 fatty acid crucial for cognitive development, which aids in enhancing brain function and promoting healthy neurological development in children.
  • Visual Health Enhancement: DHA plays a vital role in supporting visual acuity and overall eye health in growing children, contributing to better vision and eye development.
  • Immune System Boost: Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can help strengthen the immune system, reducing the risk of common illnesses and promoting overall well-being.
  • Behavioral and Mood Regulation: DHA has been linked to improved behavioral outcomes and mood regulation in children, potentially reducing symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention, thus supporting overall mental health.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to support cardiovascular health by reducing triglyceride levels, promoting healthy blood circulation, and potentially lowering the risk of heart disease later in life. Starting omega-3 supplementation early in childhood can establish healthy heart habits for the future.

How to Use:

MINAMI MorDHA Kids is a trusted omega-3 supplement designed specifically for children aged 3 years and older. Administering is simple: give your child one capsule daily with a meal. Each capsule is packed with high-quality omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA, crucial for brain development, cognition, and eye health in growing children. MorDHA Kids supports their overall well-being in a convenient and child-friendly format. Make it a part of their daily routine for optimal health and development.


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