Filorga Multicorrection Eye Cream 15ml

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The multi-correction Filorga NCEF-Reverse-Eyes Eye Cream tackles the signs of ageing and weariness while enhancing the appearance of the eye contour. With hyaluronic acid, it helps to hydrate and dramatically plump the skin. It has the ability to refresh the eye contour while also enhancing the overall appearance of the skin. Additionally, it increases microcirculation, which aids in reducing dark circles and eye bags, and is packed with ingredients that specifically target problems with the eye contour region.

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Filorga Multicorrection Eye Cream 15ml

Filorga Multicorrection Eye Cream is a multi-correction eye cream that targets ageing and fatigue symptoms while giving the eye contour a radiant and refreshed appearance.

Filorga Multicorrection Eye Cream aids in hydrating and also noticeably plumping the skin with hyaluronic acid. Collagen helps the skin produce more collagen, giving it a firmer, more even appearance.

It protects skin and instantly brightens the complexion because to its vitamin C content. Additionally, because of how intensely concentrated it is in NCEF, it has the power to improve the skin’s general appearance while renewing the eye contour.

In addition, Filorga Multicorrection Eye Cream boosts microcirculation, which helps to lessen dark circles and eye bags, and is loaded with substances that target specific issues on the eye contour area.


  • Creamy in texture;
  • Skin conditions: loss of elasticity and firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, eye bags, and dullness;
  • Morning and evening are the best times to apply;
  • Age: 30+;
  • A variety of skin tones;
  • Main advantages: lowers puffiness around the eyes, lightens and revives the eye contour, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, reduces dark circles and eye bags, and plumps the eye area.
  • Alcohol and parabens were not used in the formulation.

Primary Components:

  • Escin and caffeine aid to reduce eye bags and dark circles by increasing microcirculation;
  • Collagen helps the skin’s collagen production so that the skin is firmer and smoother. It promotes stiffness and smoothens out wrinkles and fine lines;
  • The face is significantly plumped by hyaluronic acid, which also deeply moisturizes the skin, giving it a more radiant and smoother appearance;
  • 50 components are combined into NCEF, an exclusive poly-revitalizing complex, in concentrations that are similar to those used in Filorga Meso-injections. It can significantly improve the overall look of the skin by renewing and revitalizing the complexion;
  • In addition to shielding the skin from free radicals, vitamin C also promotes the formation of collagen. In addition to reducing dark spots and illuminating the complexion, it improves the overall look of the skin while assisting in the battle against ageing and fatigue indications.

How to Use:

The eye contour should be gently dabbed with Filorga Multicorrection Eye Cream 15ml in the morning and evening. Apply using the pulp of the index finger, working from the inner to the outside corner.


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