Filorga Global-Repair Intensive-Serum 30ml

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The Filorga Global-Repair Intensive Serum is a potent antiaging product that combats all signs of ageing skin. Its unique formulation, which was motivated by methods used in aesthetic medicine, restores the skin’s natural radiance, suppleness, and vitality. The skin’s elasticity and firmness are enhanced, the face’s contours are defined again, the skin’s tone is evened out, and the complexion is illuminated while fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.

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100 in stock

Filorga Global-Repair Intensive-Serum 30ml

Filorga Global Repair Serum is an effective antiaging serum that targets all ageing skin indicators. Its special formulation, which was inspired by aesthetic medicine procedures, brings back the skin’s natural brightness, suppleness, and vitality. With 50 meso-ingredients and four cell boosters, it improves elasticity and firmness, restores definition to face contours, evens out skin tone, and illuminates the complexion while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

With three mega nutrients, it soothes and replenishes the skin while helping to restore the complexion’s suppleness and vibrancy.

Along with giving the skin a radiant and smoother appearance, encapsulated retinol also stimulates cell renewal, giving the skin a firmer and tighter appearance.

Overall, the skin looks better overall thanks to this global repair serum, which makes the skin firmer, smoother, and more radiant after each use.


  • Serum’s texture
  • Difficulties with the skin, including sagging, loss of firmness and elasticity, fine lines, and dullness;
  • Application times include the morning and/or evening;
  • Age: 50+;
  • A variety of skin tones;
  • Main advantages: profoundly hydrates and nourishes skin, aids in promoting collagen formation and plumping skin, prevents and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, firms and defines facial contours, and replenishes skin’s radiance and vitality;
  • Without parabens in the formulation.

Primary Components:

  • The natural skin barrier can be strengthened and repaired with ceramides. They maintain the skin’s moisture balance and strengthen its defenses against outside aggressors;
  • The face is significantly plumped by encapsulated hyaluronic acid, which also deeply moisturizes the skin and gives it a radiant and smoother appearance;
  • As a result of encapsulated retinol’s stimulation of cell renewal, the skin appears smoother and more luminous. Additionally, it boosts the skin’s natural collagen production, which results in skin that is firmer and tighter and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Unlike the Filorga meso-injections, NCEF, an exclusive poly-revitalizing complex, has 50 components that are integrated into concentrations that are similar to those employed in them. By renewing and revitalizing the complexion, it can significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin;
  • Niacinamide aids in minimizing the visual impact of skin discolorations;
  • Peony extract aids in redefining face features;
  • Peptides support the battle against ageing indications by encouraging the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. They improve the suppleness of the skin, aid in the removal of wrinkles and fine lines, and also provide a lifting action that increases firmness;
  • Vitamin C helps increase collagen formation while also shielding the skin from free radical damage. It lessens dark spots, brightens the complexion, and improves the overall appearance of the skin while assisting in the battle against ageing and weariness.

How to Use:

Apply Filorga Global-Repair Intensive-Serum 30ml in the morning and/or evening on previously clean and dry skin.

Apply it in a thin layer and gently massage it into the skin in the morning to get the best results. The Filorga Global-Repair Nutri-Restorative Multi-Revitalizing Cream can be used with it as a mask at night.

Apply a thick layer as a sleeping mask by blending a few drops of the serum with the cream in the palm of the hand, and let it sit overnight to absorb.




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