Durance Scented Flower 100 ml White Camellia

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100 in stock

Durance Scented Flower 100 ml White Camellia

Durance White Camellia Scented Flower – Rediscover the pleasure and elegance of flowers with this new range of scented wooden flower perfume diffusers. This scented accessory will decorate your home while dispensing a subtle fragrance.
When placed in the bottle, the flower will absorb the fragrance by capillary and will release a delicate scent for at least a month.  

White Camellia Perfume
A delicate white camellia, the symbol of perfection with its flowery, musky and powdery notes for an exquisite fragrance.

Ideal for: Living room, Bedroom
Season: All year
Perfume Family: Gentle


  • Exquisite Fragrance: The White Camellia scented flower offers a delicate and captivating fragrance reminiscent of freshly bloomed camellia flowers. Its subtle floral scent evokes feelings of freshness and elegance, creating a serene ambiance in any space.
  • Natural Appearance: Crafted to resemble a real camellia flower, this scented ornament adds a touch of natural beauty to your home decor. Its lifelike appearance enhances the visual appeal of any room, making it a charming addition to tabletops, shelves, or mantelpieces.
  • Continuous Scent Release: Infused with premium fragrance oils, the scented flower continuously releases its enchanting aroma into the air, providing long-lasting fragrance diffusion without the need for electricity or flames.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from high-quality materials, including natural plant-based fibers, the Durance White Camellia scented flower is crafted with attention to detail and durability, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness in scenting your space.
  • Easy to Use and Maintain: Simply place the scented flower in your chosen location, such as a bedroom, living room, or bathroom, and let its fragrance envelop the room. To refresh the scent, gently rotate the flower periodically to reinvigorate the aroma, allowing you to enjoy its captivating fragrance for an extended period.

Key Benefits:

  • Elegant Fragrance: Durance White Camellia Scented Flower offers an elegant and sophisticated aroma of white camellia, filling your space with a delicate floral scent that exudes timeless charm and grace.
  • Natural and Decorative: These scented flowers not only emit a beautiful fragrance but also serve as decorative accents, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room with their exquisite appearance.
  • Long-lasting Scent: Infused with high-quality fragrance oils, these scented flowers provide a long-lasting aroma, ensuring continuous freshness in your home or workspace.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for various settings, from living rooms to bathrooms, these scented flowers add a touch of luxury and refinement to any environment, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Crafted with eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices, Durance’s White Camellia Scented Flower reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility, offering a guilt-free indulgence in luxurious fragrance.

Experience the delicate fragrance of Durance White Camellia Scented Flower. Elevate your space with this elegant floral accent.

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