Durance Eau De Toilette Vetiver Zest 100ml

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The Durance L’Ome Eau de Toilette collection pays fragrant homage to the exemplary plants of Provence.

Note that are sometimes warm, sometimes enchanting, revealing the full diversity of Provencal wealth and painting different male portraits.

Optimal concentration for daily perfuming Lively, fresh notes

Vetiver Zest
Zesty, Woody, Aromatic.

99 in stock

Durance Eau De Toilette Vetiver Zest 100ml

Durance Vetiver Zest Toilette is a refreshing fragrance with notes of vetiver and citrus zest. Its invigorating scent uplifts the senses, while the long-lasting formula ensures you stay fresh all day. Perfect for those who enjoy a clean, citrusy aroma with a hint of earthiness.


  • Refreshing Scent:Durance Toilette Vetiver Zest offers a fresh and invigorating fragrance, combining the earthiness of vetiver with citrusy zest notes for a revitalizing scent experience.
  • Long-lasting: The eau de toilette provides long-lasting fragrance, keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day.
  • Versatile: Suitable for both men and women, Vetiver Zest can be worn for any occasion, whether it’s a casual day out or a special evening event.
  • Natural Ingredients: Durance uses high-quality natural ingredients to create its fragrances, ensuring a pure and authentic scent.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: Durance is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly packaging for its products, including recyclable materials and minimalistic designs.

Primary Components:

  • Vetiver Essential Oil: Vetiver essential oil is a key component of. It provides a woody, earthy aroma with a touch of citrusy freshness. Vetiver is known for its grounding and calming properties, making it a popular choice in fragrances.
  • Citrus Notes:This fragrance features citrus notes, such as lemon or bergamot, which add a bright and refreshing touch to the scent profile. These notes uplift the fragrance and provide a zesty, invigorating feel.
  • Woody Accords: Alongside vetiver, may contain woody accords like cedarwood or sandalwood. These notes add depth and complexity to the fragrance, evoking a sense of warmth and sophistication.
  • Herbal Notes: Some formulations may include herbal notes, such as basil or mint, which contribute to the overall freshness of the fragrance. These herbal accents complement the vetiver and citrus elements, creating a harmonious blend.
  • Base Notes: Base notes in Durance Toilette Vetiver Zest may include ingredients like musk or amber, providing a lasting and sensual foundation to the fragrance. These base notes add depth and richness, enhancing the overall olfactory experience.

How to Use:

Use Durance Vetiver Zest Toilette by spraying onto pulse points like wrists and neck. Reapply as desired for a refreshing scent throughout the day.

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