Durance Refill for Scented Bouquet 250ml Rose

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  • The Durance scented refill allows you to refill your Durance scented bouquets or flowers multiple times. To ensure a constant fragrance in your home, consider changing the rattan sticks periodically as they can become saturated with perfume over time.
  • The Rose perfume captures the essence of a magnificent rose, with the fresh morning dew revealing its beauty. It is a delicate and fresh scent, reminiscent of a silky and velvety Provence-rose.
  • This fragrance is recommended for use in lounges and bedrooms, creating an elegant and romantic ambiance. It belongs to the floral family and is a perfect choice for the spring and summer seasons.
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99 in stock

Durance Refill for Scented Bouquet 250ml Rose

Using the Durance Rose Bouquet Refill you can fill up your Durance scented bouquets or flowers as many times as you wish. To keep your home constantly perfumed, don’t hesitate to change the rattan sticks too as they can sometimes become saturated with perfume after a while.

Rose perfume :
The fresh morning dew opens up to reveal the ultimate, perfect and majestic rose.

Explained by the nose :
Recreate the scent of the rose with a hundred petals, rediscover it in all its delicacy and freshness. A silky, velvety and crisp Provence-rose.

Library : Lounge, bedroom
Season: Spring – Summer
Family : Floral
Ambiance: Elegant and Romantic

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  • Captivating Rose Scent: Infused with the timeless and romantic fragrance of fresh roses, evoking feelings of love and nostalgia.
  • Natural Floral Essence: Crafted with authentic rose extracts, ensuring a true-to-nature aroma that enhances any room with its floral elegance.
  • Long-Lasting Formula: Designed to provide extended periods of fragrance diffusion, filling your space with the enchanting scent of roses for weeks.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a range of Durance diffusers and potpourri vessels, offering flexibility in how you enjoy the exquisite rose bouquet.
  • Sustainable Refill Solution: Promotes eco-conscious living by minimizing packaging waste, providing a convenient and environmentally friendly way to replenish your home fragrance.

Key Benefits:

  • Elegant Fragrance: Durance Rose Bouquet Refill encapsulates the timeless beauty of roses, infusing your space with a luxurious and romantic aroma that evokes feelings of elegance and sophistication.
  • Continuous Scent: Compatible with Durance’s Bouquet diffusers, this refill ensures a consistent release of the enchanting rose fragrance, allowing you to enjoy its delicate scent throughout the day.
  • Calming Ambiance: The natural essence of roses is renowned for its calming properties, creating a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation and tranquility, ideal for unwinding after a long day.
  • Sustainable Choice: Formulated with eco-friendly ingredients and manufactured using responsible practices, this refill embodies Durance’s dedication to sustainability, providing a guilt-free indulgence in luxurious fragrance.
  • Cost-effective Refills: By opting for refills, you not only contribute to reducing waste but also enjoy cost savings, making it an economical choice for maintaining a captivating rose-scented ambiance in your home or office.

Elevate your ambiance with the timeless fragrance of Durance Rose Bouquet. Embrace 200ml of floral elegance for a serene atmosphere.

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