Durance Refill for Scented Bouquet 250ml Pine in Provence

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  • Replenish your Reed Diffuser with this scented refill to enjoy the pleasant aroma in your home as often as you’d like. For a continuous and lasting fragrance, consider changing the rattan sticks periodically as they may become saturated with perfume over time.
  • Experience the delightful fragrance of Pine in Provence, reminiscent of a stroll in a pine forest, with its captivating woody and resinous notes.
  • Perfect for enhancing the ambiance in your living room or office, this fragrance is particularly well-suited for the autumn and winter seasons. It belongs to the Woody and Spicy perfume family.

99 in stock

Durance Refill for Scented Bouquet 250ml Pine in Provence

Using the Durance Pine Bouquet Refill you can fill up your Durance reed diffuser or flowers as many times as you wish. To keep your home constantly perfumed, don’t hesitate to change the rattan sticks too as they can sometimes become saturated with perfume after a while.

Pine in Provence Perfume
The wonderful Pine from Provence through an aromatic fragrance with woody and resinous accents, like a walk in a pine forest.

Ideal for: Living room, Office
Season: Autumn – Winter
Perfume Family: Woody and Spicy


  • Refreshing Scent: The refill carries a distinct and invigorating aroma of pine, evoking the crisp freshness of a forest, perfect for revitalizing any space.
  • Long-lasting Fragrance: Designed to provide a lasting scent experience, the refill ensures your environment remains filled with the soothing essence of pine for an extended period.
  • Natural Ingredients: Crafted with natural ingredients, the refill embodies the essence of pine without artificial additives, promoting a more authentic and eco-friendly fragrance experience.
  • Versatile Use: Whether used in a room diffuser, potpourri, or other fragrance dispersal methods, the refill adapts to various settings, infusing each space with its delightful pine fragrance.
  • Easy to Use: With a user-friendly design, the refill makes replenishing your favorite scent simple and convenient, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the ambiance you desire.

Key Benefits:

  • Refreshing Aroma: Durance Pine Bouquet Refill offers the invigorating scent of pine, reminiscent of crisp forest air, creating a rejuvenating atmosphere in your living space.
  • Long-lasting Fragrance: Designed for use with Durance’s Bouquet diffusers, this refill ensures a prolonged release of the fresh pine fragrance, providing enduring enjoyment of its natural essence.
  • Energizing Effect: The revitalizing aroma of pine is known to uplift the mood and increase alertness, making it an ideal choice for enhancing productivity and motivation in work or study environments.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Crafted with environmentally friendly ingredients and sustainable production methods, this refill reflects Durance’s commitment to eco-conscious practices, offering a responsible choice for fragrance enthusiasts.
  • Value and Convenience: With its refill option, you can enjoy the captivating scent of pine while benefiting from cost savings, making it a practical and economical choice for regular use, especially for those who appreciate the fresh scent of the outdoors.

Embrace the crisp, invigorating scent of Durance Pine Bouquet. Revitalize your space with 200ml of nature’s freshness for a soothing atmosphere.

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