Durance Perfumed Softener 1L Lavender Flower

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100 in stock

Durance Perfumed Softener 1L Lavender Flower

Softening agents and protective enzymes have been combined to create Durance Textile Softener, which has been tested to prove its efficacity.

Durance has delved into the traditions of Provence to bring you environmentally-friendly products that are gentle on your laundry while leaving it with a delicate perfume.

Environmentally-friendly Durance Scented Textile Softener is produced from over 95% natural ingredients.

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  • Lavender Infusion: Durance Perfumed Softener Lavender Flower boasts a rich infusion of lavender essence, capturing the soothing and aromatic qualities of this beloved flower.
  • Long-lasting Fragrance: One of its key characteristics is its long-lasting fragrance. The scent of lavender lingers on fabrics, providing a refreshing and calming aroma that endures even after multiple washes.
  • Softens Fabrics: As a softener, it effectively softens fabrics, leaving them feeling gentle against the skin. This characteristic ensures that clothes not only smell delightful but also feel luxuriously soft to the touch.
  • Fabric Care: Durance understands the importance of preserving fabrics, and this softener is formulated to maintain the quality of your clothes. It helps prevent static cling and reduces wrinkles, contributing to the overall care and longevity of your garments.
  • Natural Ingredients: With a focus on natural ingredients, Durance Perfumed Softener Lavender Flower offers a gentle yet effective solution for laundry care. Its formulation includes ingredients that are kind to both fabrics and the environment, aligning with eco-conscious consumers’ preferences.

Key Benefits:

  • Calming Fragrance: Infused with the soothing scent of lavender flowers, Durance Perfumed Softener leaves your laundry with a calming and relaxing aroma that helps promote a sense of tranquility.
  • Softens Fabrics: This softener effectively softens fabrics, leaving them feeling smooth, gentle, and luxurious against the skin, enhancing comfort and coziness.
  • Reduces Static: Durance Perfumed Softener helps reduce static cling in fabrics, preventing clothes from sticking together and minimizing static shocks, especially during the colder months.
  • Easier Ironing: By minimizing wrinkles and smoothing out fabrics, this softener makes ironing easier and more efficient, saving you time and effort while ensuring your clothes look neatly pressed.
  • Long-lasting Scent: The lavender flower fragrance persists on your clothes long after washing, providing a lasting freshness that envelops you in the soothing scent of lavender throughout the day.

Embrace tranquility with Durance Perfumed Softener in Lavender Flower. Infuse your fabrics with the calming scent of lavender for a serene touch.

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