Durance Soft hand cream Delicate Water Lily 30 ml

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100 in stock

Durance Soft hand cream Delicate Water Lily 30 ml

Durance Delicate Water Lily is a fresh and floral fragrance, capturing the essence of blooming water lilies. With its gentle and elegant scent, it evokes a sense of tranquility and purity. Perfect for those who appreciate the subtle beauty of nature and seek a delicate fragrance for everyday use.


  • Subtle Floral Scent: Delicate Water Lily offers a gentle and subtle floral fragrance, reminiscent of fresh water lilies blooming in a serene garden.
  • Moisturizing: Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this product helps to hydrate and soften the skin, leaving it feeling supple and smooth.
  • Gentle Cleansing: Durance soaps provide gentle cleansing, effectively removing impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.
  • Long-lasting: The soap is long-lasting, ensuring that you can enjoy its fragrance and benefits for an extended period.
  • Artisan Crafted: Each Durance soap is carefully crafted using traditional methods, ensuring high quality and a luxurious experience with every use.

Primary Components:

  • Water Lily Fragrance: The key component of this fragrance is the delicate scent of water lily. It offers a fresh, floral aroma that is light, airy, and reminiscent of a serene garden setting.
  • Floral Notes: Alongside water lily, this fragrance may contain additional floral notes such as jasmine, rose, or lotus. These floral accords enhance the overall bouquet, adding depth and complexity to the scent.
  • Fresh Citrus Accents: Some formulations of Durance Delicate Water Lily may feature fresh citrus accents like bergamot or lemon. These notes provide a bright and invigorating contrast to the floral sweetness, giving the fragrance a lively and uplifting quality.
  • Musk or Amber Base: A base of musk or amber adds warmth and depth to the fragrance, ensuring that it lingers on the skin and leaves a lasting impression. These base notes provide a subtle sensuality to the overall scent profile.
  • Gentle Cleansing Agents: Durance Delicate Water Lily may be formulated with gentle cleansing agents that effectively cleanse the skin without stripping away its natural oils. These agents ensure a luxurious and pampering experience every time you use it.

How to Use:

To use Durance Delicate Water Lily, apply on damp skin, lather, and rinse. Enjoy the refreshing fragrance after every wash.

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