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Antiaging Care

    • Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler – Intensive Filler Treatment Grade 5-2x30ml

      • Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Intensive Filler Treatment Grade 5 is a professional-grade treatment designed to restore volume and density to the skin.
      • It is formulated with 12 active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and collagen, to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


    • Filorga Anti-Ageing Foam-Cleanser 150ml


      Filorga Anti-Ageing Foam Cleanser is a luxurious daily cleanser created to moisten skin while gently removing makeup and accumulated impurities. A foam that dissolves and gently cleanses the skin without drying it out is made with hyaluronic acid and mild surfactants. hydrate and comfort your skin while giving it a wonderful sense of freshness.


    • Filorga Dark Spot Serum 30ml


      Filorga Dark Spot Serum is a concentrated serum lightens and evens up the skin while fading brown spots. Over time, the skin becomes more equal and the spots are less noticeable. This serum contains a new generation of vitamin C in a more stable form, which uniformizes the skin and boosts its shine.


    • Filorga Hydra-Hyal Serum 30ml


      Because of the improved effects of the Hyal-Diffusing Factors complex, this particular Filorga Hydra-Hyal Serum offers the skin five different types of hyaluronic acid that are naturally derived. The complexion feels totally hydrated, smooth, and revitalized after using this serum because it gives off a cooling sensation.


    • Filorga Time-Filler Mat-Perfecting-Care 50ml


      Filorga Time-Filler Mat-Perfecting Care is a thin gel-cream that works to address all kinds of wrinkles on oily to mixed skin. This 24-hour care cream is perfect for people who want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and minimize pore size because it contains mattifying characteristics. As a result, your skin is perfectly rejuvenated and shines free.


    • Filorga Time-Zero Multi-Correction Serum 30ml


      Filorga Time-Zero Multi-Correction Serum tackles the four different types of wrinkles: deep wrinkles, fatigue wrinkles, contraction wrinkles, and surface wrinkles. This ground-breaking procedure can be applied both during the day and at night to smooth skin, enhance brightness, and firm and lift facial features. This facial serum is designed to reduce wrinkles by relaxing the features. It also has a trio of Hyaluronic Acid based active ingredients to keep the skin hydrated.


    • Filorga Wrinkle Correction-Cream 50ml


      The highly concentrated elixir that treats all wrinkle kinds is part of Filorga’s anti-aging aesthetic medicine expertise. After 28 days, all wrinkling is greatly decreased. It has a lifting effect, reduces dark circles, and helps with wrinkles and lash growth. This product is ideal for people with normal to dry skin because it smoothens and prevents all types of wrinkles, from the deepest to those caused by dehydration.


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